Essential kit

If you are able to only buy 1 pair of shoes in the next year, this should be it.  A pair of classic ivy league style "smooths" (also commonly referred to as the plain toe blucher, as shown here by Alden).  Alden is the way to go if you can afford it, if not save up.  Or get the Loake version at a more budget price.  Essential kit.


A friend who is a designer for a well known denim brand posted this.  Truth. 

Not a fan

From the current issue of GQ magazine.  This is the type of look that drives me nuts.  It looks fine in a magazine spread where this guy doesnt actually exist in the real world.  But why do I hate it? It's a mish mash of disparate styles in a waaaay too self conscious nu-hipster look.  If this is your outfit for today, please punch yourself in the face before leaving the house.  If you leave the house dressed like this anyways, then hopefully someone will punch you before the day is over.  The only thing missing that would make me hate it even more is if this actor they are using, was also a beardo.  Not a fan.

New Section of the website

This area will be a blog of sorts, just a space to place thoughts on clothes, style, stuff I like and anything relevant.  and some shit talking. 

so check back regularly to see what kind of ramblings end up here.

did i mention shit talking.