Do not trust.

Never trust a man who doesn't trust his trousers.  Belt AND Suspenders?!  AND the bowtie??? Do not trust!

Quintessential cool.

For a long time considered an "old man's jacket", mods and skinheads for the past 4 decades have known otherwise, and it took long enough but "mainstream" clothing culture FINALLY caught up several years ago and given it's iGent stamp of approval on this classic garment.  Originally worn by kings of cool like Elvis, Sinatra, McQueen....the G9 harrington is a staple of classic style.  Unfortunately, the original company Baracuta, was bought out by an Italian parent company and prices skyrocketed to the point where it's silly to pay the retail price.  Fortunately there are many alternatives priced fairly to cater to men with working class wages and the fit and finish up to par with a 4x more expensive Baracuta.  Quintessential cool.

Essential kit.

Trickers of England shoes and boots.  Heavy double soled shoemaker from fabled Northampton, England.  Some of the finest shoes you can buy that will last several lifetimes with proper care.  How much do I like this shoemaker's products?  I have over 15 pairs, so I'd definitely say it's essential kit.

An original King of Cool

1967 pic of James Brown.  An original King of Cool.

Disneyland 1961

Cool to think this is how some of the general public went to Disneyland way back when (tho I believe this photo is a staged model shot).  Unlike the travesty called "Dapper Day" which comes off like some kind of "let's do cos-play at Disneyland" nonsense. 

Won't see this in 2014.

Nothing like a quick skate around the rink after work.  You won't see this in 2014.

Major Fail.

I'm going to make some assumptions here, and it's not a big leap to make, and while I might be wrong, there are plenty of examples out there that make me right.  This advert pic for Fred Perry, I am gonna guess those tattoos you see on his face and neck are probably all that he has.  Well ok, maybe he has some on his hands, knuckles and forearm.  Point is, the new rage for douche bags who want to be "insta cool, insta tough" to get tattooed in all the most visible areas FIRST.   Another proclamation of "LOOK AT ME I AM COOL" by the self entitled ME-generation.  Major Fail.


Great vintage pic (dated 1951) of a Parisian couple jitterbuggin'

Friday's Hate It.

To take us into the weekend, if you come across this fellow please punch him.  Hate It.

Thursday's Hate it.

Yes there does seem to be a theme.