Girls can never go wrong incorporating a nautical look.  Ahoy!!

For the Victory!

My friend in Japan's denim line, TOUGH ELITE.  Great jeans based on the 1944 Levis model.  A relaxed (but not baggy) straight leg cut.  All of the usual details found in top notch Japanese selvedge denim (pink selvedge, 15oz Shrink to Fit denim, leather patch, back pocket rivets, crotch rivet, heavy duty canvas pocketbags) and a really cool straight razor back pocket arcuate!  Soon to come a 2nd model based on the 1966 Levis so a slimmer fit!  For the Victory!!

Some of my favorite shirts.

Mikkel Rude from Denmark, quality line of well fitting, well made shirts.  Short sleeves, long sleeves, oxfords.....all very nice and available in many colorful check options.  All class, some of my favorite shirts I own.

Hail the king.

Vintage Michael Caine week comes to an end. Hail the King.

Dig the separates suit.

Granted Caine was a product of his time, when style hit an aesthetic peak so he definitely benefited from being in the right place and time, but you can't take away that he represents a pinnacle of style cool.  Great look here with the separates suit.

Sultan of Suss.

1960s Michael Caine day 2,the Sultan of Suss.

The Duke of Debonair

1960s Michael Caine, it doesnt get more sussed than him.  The Duke.

Do not trust.

Never trust a man who doesn't trust his trousers.  Belt AND Suspenders?!  AND the bowtie??? Do not trust!

Quintessential cool.

For a long time considered an "old man's jacket", mods and skinheads for the past 4 decades have known otherwise, and it took long enough but "mainstream" clothing culture FINALLY caught up several years ago and given it's iGent stamp of approval on this classic garment.  Originally worn by kings of cool like Elvis, Sinatra, McQueen....the G9 harrington is a staple of classic style.  Unfortunately, the original company Baracuta, was bought out by an Italian parent company and prices skyrocketed to the point where it's silly to pay the retail price.  Fortunately there are many alternatives priced fairly to cater to men with working class wages and the fit and finish up to par with a 4x more expensive Baracuta.  Quintessential cool.

Essential kit.

Trickers of England shoes and boots.  Heavy double soled shoemaker from fabled Northampton, England.  Some of the finest shoes you can buy that will last several lifetimes with proper care.  How much do I like this shoemaker's products?  I have over 15 pairs, so I'd definitely say it's essential kit.