Lot of soul.

Fabulous photo from 1966, Jimi Hendrix backing up on guitar the legendary Wilson Pickett!!  Love Wilson's 1 button sharkskin suit, def Thick as Thieves type of mojo.  Lots of soul!

Store to check out.

While we're in Japan, another good shop that is found in larger cities throughout the country is NEW YORKER.  Similar aesthetic to Tomorrowland, it is a classically style brand, with a touch of Ivy League influence, in some ways reminds me of a Japanese J. Press.  Similar price point to Tomorrowland, with just as high level of quality in their garments and great fit.  Store to check out.

Recommended store

Well known in Japan, with stores all over the country and instore boutiques in nearly all major department stores, Tomorrowland is one of my favorite shopping destinations.  Some of my favorite knits, cardigans, etc have come from this shop.  Very classic style, very high quality, price is very fair for what you are getting.  Even better if you can hit them up during sales season when most stock goes to 50% off!  This image from their most recent advert in "Popeye" magazine.  Recommended store next time you are in Japan.

Recommended store.

Legendary London home of ivy league style. The real deal.  J Simons on 46 Chiltern St, off the Baker Street tube station in Sherlock Holmes' old stomping grounds.  They were formerly located in Covent Garden (on Russell st) for many years but recently relocated to this new space several years ago.  John Simons has been the vanguard of real ivy league style for decades, selling his wares to mods, skinheads, students, jazz cats, Japanese tourists, and whoever appreciates proper ivy league style.  If you're ever in London it's definitely worth your while to stop in.   Recommended store.


A great value on a good shoe.  Allen Edmonds "McGregor" longwing tip brogue shoe.  Available in several colors, but this one strikes our fancy.  Color is called "Bob's Chili" and appears to be a warm burgundy tone.   Currently on sale from allenedmonds.com (search for McGregor) for $299 (reg $385) so you save nearly $100.  And like all Allen Edmond shoes, every size/width option is available as well as the option to custom order the sole have a rubber topy attached so you have a no slip sole (standard is all leather).  For those looking for a good all purpose shoe, this is my pick of the day.  Can't beat the price, their quality is high, this will look great with your Thick as Thieves suit, and enough color options to appeal to everyone.  Recommended.

Fuel for the brain.

One of my favorite writers, early 20th century British essayist, G.K. Chesterton.  Worth reading if you are of the mindset to revolt against the modern world.  His works were written nearly 100 years ago but reads as if it could have been written today.   Which book to start with?  A good one is "What's Wrong with the World", a collection of essays on timeless issues regarding society, morality, and all the minutia encapsulated within.  Fuel for the brain.

Sun and Steel

One of my favorite writers, Japanese Nationalist author Yukio Mishima.  Sharp as steel.

Jazz cat.

My favorite vintage photo of a young Gerry Mulligan.  Looks like he could have been in The Specials in this photo! Jazz cat.


Harry and Bowie.  Icons

Trendy but essential.

The MA-1 bomber jacket, timeless.  Get the original made by Alpha, don't bother with the cheaper knockoffs that sell for $50 or less (Knox Armory, etc).   And if you don't want it to be so puffy (which a MA-1 generally is by design) then there are plenty of higher priced "designer" versions available, especially this season, seems that nearly every maker has their version of a bomber for Fall/Winter 2014.  Easy to wear with jeans, great for cold or rainy days, and they are relatively light in physical weight jackets so dont feel bulky when worn.  For the time being trendy, but essential.