Thick as Thieves

One of my favorite bands, The Jam.  Their song of the same name was the inspiration behind our name.  thick as Thieves.

Weekend casual.

Paul Stuart burgundy casual brogues made for the Japanese Paul Stuart market.  Very supple soft leather, with white rubber dress sole and white contrast stitching.  One of the most comfortable proper shoes I've ever worn.  Weekend casual.

Wearing right now.

My current fave pair of shoes.  Oxblood laceups by Paul Smith.  Wearing right now.

Happy Halloween.

Interestingly, so it's told, our current modern custom of "trick or treating" on Halloween came about as a way of offering protection money from small businesses to local thugs who would dress in masks to hide their identity while they smashed your property if you didn't comply.  Happy Halloween.

Recommended product.

One of the best products for your shoe care.  Venetian Cream is expensive, but a little goes a long way.  And it's results are superb.  Gives lifeless leather shoes a brilliant finish without resorting to coating it with silicone based ingredients which so many "insta-shine" products contain.  This product works especially well on cordovan leather, where it's generally not recommended to OVER-polish, but an occasional coating of Venetian helps take away the dullness that cordovan develops over time.  Recommended product.

Vintage babe.

Great still of Britt Eklund from Michael Caine classic "Get Carter".  Vintage babe.

Rising sun modernists.

A modern photo, but definitely looks like it could have been taken in 1964.  Japanese scooterists/modernists looking the business.  Rising sun modernists.

Vintage fail.

Interesting suit worn by this fellow on Carnaby Street, in 1966.  Her matching dress not nearly as bad tho. Vintage fail.

Do not imitate.

Dressing smart is all about being appropriate for the time and place.  Going to a backyard BBQ and wearing a suit is NOT being well dressed.  You are the worst dressed guy there.  But then this particular fellow, regardless of the event, is probably the worst dressed guy there.   Do not imitate.

The small details.

Great collar roll on this OCBD.  The small details are what make it interesting.