Spirit of 69.

I'd never seen this photo til now.  Old shot of skinheads in late 60s.  Spirit of 69

Classic shop of yore.

Mid 60s Carnaby Street, nice photo of John Stephen custom clothier.  Classic shop of yore.

Vintage view.

A nice photo looking down Carnaby St back in mid 60s.  Vintage view.

Ram Jam!

One of my favorite mid 60s British soul acts.  Geno Washington was an American GI stationed in England, was asked to help sing some songs and the rest is history.  Great photo from 1965 when they were at their peak.  Ram Jam!!

Takakura Ken. RIP

Famous classic era actor Takakura Ken, died at 83.  Known for his classic Yakuza film series like Abashiri Bangaichi, Hibotan Bakuto, Showa Zankyo-Den etc....and also starred in some American Yakuza films such as 'The Yakuza" with Robert Mitchum, and "Black Rain" with Michael Douglas.  Charismatic actor, known for his quiet strength in all of his roles.  Takakura Ken RIP.

This is how you should listen to your music.

Vintage hottie.  This is how you should listen to your music.

Friday fail.

Obviously taking the piss, yet I could see this happening on a store rack near you.  Friday fail.

Vintage advert.

Fun advertisement for Lambretta scooters.  Great vintage advert.

Vintage fun.

Great still from 1960s American Bandstand showing a group of kids at the time getting their dance on.  Vintage fun.

Vintage suss.

Nice looking old ad for a company that sold buttondown shirts, staprest etc.  Apparently the brand wasnt of great quality, but this is a very nice advert they put out.  If only we could all have this fellow's lean proportions and long legs, at least I do!  Vintage suss.