Tuesday's Hate it.

No need for words.  Hate it.

Monday's Hate It.

Punch-able guy.  Don't like the way he tied his tie.  Don't like all the stuff put in his cardigan pocket.  Of course hate his mustache.  Pretty sure I hate his playlist he's listening to.  Hate it.

Good art.

Despite her being 180 degrees as far from my own political ideas, I've always loved the art of Barbara Kruger and even had the pleasure of having a class with her as instructor many many years ago.  This piece has always been a favorite, and as relevant today in our age of consumer consumption.  Good art.


Photo dates to 1920s.  Even til recently,  tattooing was an outsider's venture, unlike the trendy hipster craze it is today.  Nostalgia.

Dig this.

I don't know where this came from originally, if it was part of a photo series, an advert, etc.  Love his separates suit, always approve of burgundy shoes/loafers. Lot of joie de vivre in this pic.  Dig this.

Dig this.

Love the rakish style shown here.  Classic with the right amount of twists and turns.  Dig this.

What are they looking at?

Very snazzy vintage picture from a magazine.  Don't know the context behind it, other than upon inspection, what are those 3 guys in the background looking at?  Hot new gal working the brokerage floor?


Love this photo of her.  But has she ever taken a bad pic?  Hail Audrey.

Vintage cool

Lot can be learned from this vintage 1969 photo of London youths.  Vintage cool indeed.

Essential kit

If you are able to only buy 1 pair of shoes in the next year, this should be it.  A pair of classic ivy league style "smooths" (also commonly referred to as the plain toe blucher, as shown here by Alden).  Alden is the way to go if you can afford it, if not save up.  Or get the Loake version at a more budget price.  Essential kit.