The King

Elvis at Sun Studios will Bill Black, Scotty Moore, and Sam Phillips.  The King.

2015 Year of the Ram/Sheep


Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Years. Hope 2015 will be a good year for all of us. 

Tommy Steele

Very nice old photo of British rocker Tommy Steele!

Superficial first world rant.

Saturday afternoon, in the span of 2 hours, saw at least 10 guys with this horrendous hairstyle.  The "man bun" as it's called, seems to be the rage among today's urban intellectual douchebag.   Having an early dinner the same day, 2 guys sitting nearby at different tables had this hairdo as well.  An attempt at being Bohemian?  Definitely a successful attempt at being punch-able.  Superficial first world rant.

Sex Kitten

Star of many Italian "sex comedies" in the 70s, the alluring Edwige Fenech.  Sex Kitten

Merry Christmas and Happy Yuletide!

Merry Christmas and Happy Yuletide from Thick as Thieves!

The naughty list.

Undoubtedly the "hipsters" and the mustache'd beardos who are purveyors of all things cool, albeit always discovering it many years too late, the Krampus bandwagon seems to be in full swing this year moreso than any other.  For those who don't know, this is the for the kids on the naughty list.

Next Year.

Awesome Christmas tree at Aqua City mall in Odaiba, Tokyo.  This will be my tree next year!


Nice page from an old issue of Scootering magazing.