Recommended Shop

Fairly new shop in Harajuku, Tokyo.  Flagship store of Real McCoy dry goods.  Amazing basement level store, absolutely beautiful with a HUGE selection of Joe McCoy, Real McCoy, Buco leathers, etc.  Come with a lot of cash in hand as this stuff is as good as it gets, and not cheap, but I'm sure you already knew that, if you know this brand.  Recommended shop

Small World

So I'm waiting at the Koenji train station in Tokyo, and I see this fine fellow waiting nearby, presumably for a friend perhaps.  He comes up to me after a couple minutes and asks if I am "Thick as Thieves".  Turns out he is a repeat client from the east coast who had relocated to Japan thru his work.  Small world indeed!!

さよなら !!

I will be out of town thru the end of the month, so in the meantime さよなら!!

What your step today.

A good day to carry out one's evil plans.  Watch your step today.

Thursday lulz.


King of Cool Pt 2


King of Cool.

Steve McQueen out shopping.  King of cool.

My 15 minutes

Ad for Japanese denim brand TOUGH ELITE, with yours truly getting his 15 minutes.   7502 "1966" model.

Kubrick in focus

One more photo from Stanley Kubrick's photo series he took in the 1940s NYC.  Kubrick in focus.

Eyes wide shut

From a series of photos Stanley Kubrick took during the 1940s.  Eyes Wide Shut.