Not sure what I'm looking at...

but I like this image.  I assume it's an American dog used by WW2 army on a captured Howitzer.

Vinyl friday!


Do the Dog

Terry Hall of the Specials, happy birthday.  Now go Do the Dog!

If you don't look good, we don't look good.

The master at work in 1960s.  Vidal Sassoon.  If you don't look good, we don't look good.

From the Nation's Capital.

We're as idle as teen idles get.....from the nation's capital

We're just a Minor Threat.

We're not the first, I hope we're not the last
'Cause I know we're all heading for that adult crash
The time is so little, the time belongs to us
Why is everybody in such a fucking rush?

Make do with what you have
Take what you can get
Pay no mind to us
We're just a minor threat

We're just a minor threat

Early to finish, I was late to start
I might be an adult, but I'm a minor at heart
Go to college, be a man, what's the fucking deal?
It's not how old I am, it's how old I feel

Take your time
Try not to forget
We never will
We're just a minor threat


Coventry's Finest

One of my favorite group shots of The Specials.  Coventry's Finest.


Black Flag.  'nuff said.  Damaged.

Untamed Youth.

Fantastic still from one of my favorite 1950s JD film.  Starred Mamie Van Doren, and has a cameo appearance by Eddie Cochran.  Features one of the best dance scenes from the mid 50s, dancers include of course, the Hollywood Jitterbugs, who are in most every 50s film that has a dance scene.  Untamed Youth.

Vinyl never dies.

Record bar inside menstore on Carnaby Street, mid 1960s.  Vinyl never dies.