Do the Dog.

Long live British born youth subculture, spread around the world sometimes for better and sometimes for worse, but for those who keep on keepin on,  Do the Dog.

Cum on Feel the Noize

The first "skinhead band" in 1969, at least by appearances, glam rock Slade.  But then during that time, the look was widespread and practically mainstream to kids living in council estates, who all adopted that look whether or not they knew they were being "skinheads".  Cum on Feel the Noize


Debbie, Suzi and Joan.  A holy trinity of rokkengals.


Still from the British film Steptoe & Son Rides Again-1973, with a fellow that has the classic post-skinhead look in near foreground.  Suedehead

Switchblades and Drapes

Teddy Boys from the 1950s.  Their scene still goes strong today, this weekend will be watching Furious, top Ted band from UK, tear it up!

South will rise again

More Teddy Boys from the 1950s.  The South will rise again

First youth cult.

This being the week of Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender (starts thurs 3rd - sunday 6th), seems a good time to show some old pics of 1950s Teddy Boys in England. The post war years saw a boom in teenagers with some disposable spending money, and their love of 50s American Rock n Roll was the impetus to starting what is termed as the first "teenager youth cult".   Teds were known for wearing a Victorian (aka Edwardian) style, with long drape jackets, brothel creepers (aka beetle crushers) with the signature DA pompadour haircut.  First youth cult

Spring Polos

My favorite polo shirts I've seen this spring, from Thom Browne.  Price is hefty but these are far better than the polo shirts he did a few years ago which were just pique cotton but priced like it was made from the pubes of valkyrie.  These are still priced as such, but a far nicer knit, complex weave, nice detailing as always, and couple great stripe patterns (also comes in solid colors but those aren't as fun).  Fit, as per most of Thom Browne, is great if you are the intended body type.  Spring Polos that I dig.

Record bar

SoHo, London in mid 1960s, record bar.

Le Macabre

Joints like this are fewer and fewer today.  Le Macabre