This is an interesting photo because it was taken in Hounslow, West London in 1966, 2 years before the appearance of the first wave of skinheads in London, yet they have the prototypical style before it had taken root, which back then, 2 years would be almost a lifetime.  Forerunners.

Candy coated sweater

Cool cardigan from 1961.  Would be hard for most to wear without feeling conspicuous but definitely something that cool pair well with a cool spring brunch.  Also something I could see Black Fleece Brooks Brothers producing, if they haven't already.  Candy coated sweater

The New Breed

great shot of early 80s skinheads in London.  The New Breed

Vintage voyeuriusm #5

The art show has many more photos from this series of lost then 60+ years later discovered photos of a German businessman's affair with his secretary.  Sure it's nothing new that doesnt happen everyday in every decade, but the interesting thing was just how these photos, letters, receipts, and memorabilia of 2 people's indiscretions were lost to time, then given new life in a very public light.  Vintage Voyeurism.

RIP Rosie the Riveter

Mary Doyle Keefe, 92, made famous by the Norman Rockwell painting used on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in 1943.  Interestingly, the 1942 image painted by J. Howard Miller gets mistakenly dubbed "Rosie the Riveter" when she is "not Rosie", and was actually the "We Can Do It" girl.  Regardless, both are iconic images of American Patriotism.



German 60s affair #3

Another photo from the series

German 60s affair #2

from the "lost then found" Chronicles of an Affair with his Secretary photos, which got an art gallery show

German affair in the 1960s

This week will be photos that were recently discovered in France, from a German businessman's affair he was having with his (also married) secretary.  These were photo's they took while on a business trip to France, but they were lost/forgotten until recently discovered!! 

Tin Soldiers

1st known pic of The Small Faces when they first started as a band, Tin Soldiers.