Some of my favorite shoes: Paraboot

Paraboot “Rousseau” Black split toe U-tip derby. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Southerner

Solovair’s reissue of the 1980s boot “The Southerner” in cherry red.  11i boot and Made in England and polished to a mirror with Saphir mirror gloss wax polish. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Vass Budapester plain toe

Renowned Hungarian handmade shoemaker Laszlo Vass, plain toe derby in burgundy leather.  Signature high toe box in a 5 eyelet plain toe style. 

Friday Thought: 2/22/19

Don't be the "pedantic gentleman".

I'm sure your taste in coffee/wine/whiskey/suits/shirts/shoes/watches/art/literature/music/roadster is absolutely unparalleled in its finery and taste. *rolls eyes*

For those of us who are into the niche subcult of "clothes" (whether it's the rugged style, the pressed suited style, ivy league style, mods, skins, goths. vintage enthusiast, etc) let's not forget that our interest in clothes and how we like to present ourselves is an inward reflection that is outwardly expressed.  Don't let that inward reflection be one of "better than you" snobbery.

Enjoy your clothes and style, whatever that might be, don't judge someone just because you feel his shoes/watch/suit/jeans/whatever are inferior to your own lofty taste level.  And if the words "spalla camicia" ever come out of your mouth, outside of a personal conversation with your Italian tailor, well, sorry to say but you might be a pedantic gentleman.

Have a great weekend.  Always be humble and let others sing your praises.


Mishima fitness

Iconic Japanese writer Yukio Mishima cranking out the push ups. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Trickers museum calf

Trickers “Bourton” country brogue in burgundy museum calf.  Awesome color leather and I wish Trickers made more shoes in this leather. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Regal V-tip

Made in japan. Dark red full grain leather in V-Tip derby style. Dainite sole. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Florsheim x Duckie Brown

Cherry red cordovan leather. Styled in classic Florsheim “Imperial” Longwing style. This collaboration only existed for a season or two in 2010 but they made some excellent shoes during that time. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Trickers

Trickers medallion toe derby laceup.  Color is “lollipop” which is a fantastic shade of dark red/burgundy.  Dainite sole.   A personal fave. 

Smooths putting in the boot.

Not sure when this photo was taken, but it’s one I’d never seen before. Judging by the style, most definitely early 70s, probably around 1972-3. A couple Smooths putting the boot into someone.