Talkin’ ‘bout my generation

Cool pic of The Who in their mod heyday 

Panther era 4 Skins

What an awesome photo of legendary English Oi band The 4 Skins.  It’s not a grainy pic, and features the less often seen 2nd lineup with Panther on vocals and John Jacobs moving to guitar from drums. One Law for them!!

Plastic Fantastic

Rare photo of The Jam hanging out in front of Plastic Fantastic record store. 

Mishima.....Sun and Steel

Yukio Mishima photo I have never seen before. Very cool pose showing his interest and dedication to the traditional Japanese martial arts and military history. 

Vintage Vinnie

Vinnie Jones, actor of some great films like Snatch, Lock Stock And 2 Smoking Barrels, Euro-Trip, Midnight Meat Train etc. 

Back in his football days, regarded as one of the most violent players in Premier League!

Happy 25th Birthday

Oasis single “Supersonic” turns 25 today. Can’t beleive it’s been that long!!

Some of my favorite shoes: Adidas Hamburg

Adidas Hamburg, made in Germany!  Brilliant burgundy Oxblood color, easily the best adidas burgundy I’ve seen. I also have the Midnite navy  German-made Hamburg which was released at the same time. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Red Wing 9043

The shoe version of the 9010 Beckman boot. Black laceup shoe made with trademark red wing quality. 

Mishima 1963

Yukio Mishima showing his fitness in 1963. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Alden Chukka boot

The venerable Aden chukka boot in cordovan no8. They don’t get more classic than this. I added a thin vibram rubber bottom over the standard leather sole for comfort and non slip functionality.