Happy detention day.

35 years ago we learned that we’re all part jock, part prom queen, part need, part basketcase and part delinquent. Truth.  

Cool stuff I own: Gregoire Texier Panerai watch strap

Fantastic leather strap with heavy duty metal tang buckle made by leather artisan Gregoire Texier. Looks beautiful on Panerai Luminor watch. 

Classic skinhead

Contrary to modern notion of skinheads having shaved heads, the term was originally put upon working class kids who got their hairs cut short (by the days’ standards) in a modified ivy-league style college boy cut.  This fellow here has a classic original skinhead look. The shorter near bald cut came during the “new breed” revival in late 70a-early 80s and the orginal length started becoming associated as a Suedehead cut.  The original early 70s suedehead haircut was actually a bit longer and wouldn’t be considered skinhead in any way by today’s definition. 

1970s Bootboys

Great pic I’d never seen before of post-skinhead “bootboys”, a short subculture during the glory days of British glam rock. 

Who knew such a thing existed?

Tho there is a “National _____ Day” for everything now so I’m not surprised. 

60 in the concrete jungle

Happy 60th to Terry Hall, singer of The Specials. Still touring and playing gigs, never too young or too old. 

Spirit of 82 skinhead youth

The more typical photo of skinhead youth. Looks like it’s from the early 80s when the average age got a little higher into the mid and later teens. 

Spirit of 69 skinhead youth

Excellent photo of the classic skinhead style from this photo that was probably taken in 1968-9. Back when it was truly a youth movement with the average age being somewhere in the early to mid teens. 

Vintage youth and dance

Nice photo of 1960s sussed kids having a good time. 

Happy Birthday to the Guv’nor!

Sir Michael Caine. 86 years today.