Happy Birthday to the Guv’nor!

Sir Michael Caine. 86 years today. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Lottusse

This is a brand I am not familiar with but I saw these in Tokyo and they’re one of my favorite shoes. A brilliant cherry red full grain high quality calf leather. Commando sole.  Longwing brogue style. Simply stunning shoes. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Trickers “Woodstock” with toe medallion

Lollipop Red always looks amazing after a good mirror shine. 

French Samourai

Delon and Belmondo in one photo. Way too much cool for us mere mortals to handle. 

Hand painted

A hand painted sign I made for Thick as Thieves.  New website update and redesign coming soon (ish) with new content, photos and better platform. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Dr Marten 1490 made in England

The classic 10 eyelet Dr Marten boot shined up to a mirror polish. Looks like a candy apple now. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Alden cordovan Longwing AF79

Alden Longwing in cordovan #8 with commando sole. Amazing shoe and even better with the commando sole 

Some of my favorite shoes: Paraboot

Paraboot “Rousseau” Black split toe U-tip derby. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Southerner

Solovair’s reissue of the 1980s boot “The Southerner” in cherry red.  11i boot and Made in England and polished to a mirror with Saphir mirror gloss wax polish. 

Some of my favorite shoes: Vass Budapester plain toe

Renowned Hungarian handmade shoemaker Laszlo Vass, plain toe derby in burgundy leather.  Signature high toe box in a 5 eyelet plain toe style.