VBC 130 closeup

This closeup shot is a bit more accurate of the color tone of VBC 130.  It's a very electric looking blue, especially in outdoor natural light.  Indoors it can pass as more subdued, but generally we recommend this fabric as a socially worn suit, or a "creative work environment".

VBC 130

Double breast suit in the "electric blue" VBC 130.

Navy flannel jacket

Thanks Wisith for these photos, now that our SoCal weather is much cooler, it actually permits some fun outfit coordinations, off the beaten path!  He wears our navy flannel jacket.

VBC 121 suit

Thanks A.S. for the photo wearing 2 button traditional suit in VBC 121 grey!  Looking smart!

Tokyo cool.

Group of fine upstanding boys in Tokyo.  Kirk second from right, wears navy mohair 3 button house cut suit.  Forget about gothic lolitas. This is Tokyo cool.

Trouble from London.

Nick and Charlie from London bands Violent Reaction and Crown Court looking the business in SoHo. Both are proud wearers of Thick as Thieves suits, but Iron Charlie is here on his way to work in a charcoal sharkskin 3-button suit like a proper gent.  Trouble from London.

Dark Grey Mohair wedding suit

Darryl's wedding suit is made from Dark Grey Mohair/wool and is styled as a traditional cut suit with 2 button jacket, angled hacking pockets on the jacket and no ticket pocket.  Congratulations to the new couple and best wishes in the future from Thick as Thieves!

79115-10 Classic Navy

Great photo by Alberto of his classic navy suit, traditional cut details and proportions.  Looking to take on the world!

English Nick

Our good friend Nick from London, with his mum at her graduation!  Congratulations Mrs S.!!  Nick can be found pounding the skins for London straightedge hardcore band VIOLENT REACTION, as well bass duties for London Oi band CROWN COURT, and to make sure he is keeping busy, he is also the singer of hardcore band ARMS RACE!  We're proud to have kitted out 2 members of Violent Reaction/Crown Court, having also done up a suit for Iron Charlie.  Nick wears a 60s styled 3 button suit with all the right details (high buttoning stance, narrow lapels, hacking pockets with ticket pocket, and MOP buttons)

Kirk's black 3 button jacket

Longtime friend and one of the most badass unassuming guys you will ever meet, in a "dressy casual" 3 button jacket with MOP butons, and jeans.  High buttoning, short length and fitted....the way we like it.