Petrol Blue Sharkskin.

Thanks Alberto for this great pic of the Petrol Blue sharkskin suit!

Airforce blue wedding

Congratulations to Josh and Mary on their nuptuals!  Best of wishes in the future for the happy couple.   Josh wears a 2 button traditional styled suit in the Airforce Blue wool (79115-9).  Photo credit to  Melissa Miksch (

Airforce Blue wedding closeup

A great shot of a wedding suit in the Airforce Blue wool (79115-9) for Josh and Mary's wedding.  Photo credit to  Melissa Miksch (

Light Grey Mohair wedding!

Thanks P&C for sending a photo of C's wedding suit in Light Grey Mohair!!


Charcoal #9

A long staple since we first sourced this cloth many years ago.  It's been a top seller for a good reason, lower price point, nice cloth, and a classic dark charcoal color.  This is a great "first suit" fabric choice as it can be dressed up/down and worn in nearly ANY instance where a suit is required, whether for work or socially.  Best seller.

Separates suit

I am a huge fan of separates suit, where a different (but complimenting) color jacket and trouser are worn as a suit.  This is a great example, and one can't ever go wrong with a darker/lighter grey combo for separates.  Classic, timeless, yet stands out from the pack.

Medium Grey Sharkskin.

1 button suit in Medium Grey Sharkskin cloth.  House design overlapping ticket pocket on jacket.

Pale blue/grey Sharkskin

2 button suit with angled jacket pockets and "house design" overlapping ticket pocket.  Thanks W. for the class photo!


An older photo from the original Thick as Thieves blog lookbook.  1 button tuxedo in black mohair-wool with peak lapels.

Double breasted in Tokyo

The debonair "City Gent" in his 6x3 double breast suit, with a very colorful character one only finds in Tokyo.