For the time being, until March 1st, I will not be taking orders online due to a family health emergency.  Please check back after March 1st for an updated situation on whether or not I am back to taking orders.  Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience.


Due to a family health situation I am not booking any local meetups for the near future as I need those days to remain open.  If we have already booked something then that will still be honored, but as of 2/11/16 there will be no local meetups booked until further notice but I will still be taking orders online so you'll have to go thru that process.  Thanks for understanding.

Wedding in black mohair

Dustin looking debonair with his new bride in a black mohair suit.  House cut suit in all the house details. 

Thick as Thieves in the family.

Congratulations to my niece and her new husband Edward, now my nephew-in-law, on their wedding this past weekend!  Edward wears a 2 button house cut suit in navy WP-17.  His suit was really the hit of the ceremony and it was my honor to see him get married wearing it.  My suit is in the burgundy tweed, in a 3/2 style jacket.


Mr Kamihiro in Tokyo, Japan with a 3 button petrol blue classic styled skinhead suit.

Double breast separates suit

I'm always a fan of separates suits.  Just enough formality for most occasions when a suit needs to be worn, yet has a lot of personality from the mix of cloth/color.

This is a great example of a double breast jacket (part of a suit) in the VBC 130 (now sold out cloth), with khaki trousers

Closeup of Mark's Navy birdseye wool


Mark's Wedding

Congrats to Mark and Monica on their wedding earlier this year.  The suit is a navy birdseye cloth house cut suit.  Best wishes to the new bride and groom.   Photo courtesy of Jasmine Lee photography.

Brian's suit

As mentioned in the other entry, this is the first Thick as Thieves client, this time a wedding suit.   It's made from the "Classic Navy 100800-6" in a one button house cut with MOP buttons, angled jacket pockets and a peak lapel design.

B&M wedding!!

This one was special for me, since Brian was literally the FIRST person to order a suit back in 2007.  He and his beautiful fiancee (now wife) Miki met in Japan and I had the pleasure of hanging out with both of them a few years ago when they were a fairly new couple, so it's amazing to see them become husband and wife.  Also kudos to Brian  for basically staying the same size now as he was in 2007!! haha.  His suit is a one button peak lapel suit made from the "classic navy 180100-6" with MOP buttons.  Here's to the stunning looking couple and best wishes to them in the future....