Tiger Army Road to V....

new video from Tiger Army, Nick 13 in TaT while traversing the desert.  yes the one image is blurry because that is how it look in the video

Power of Moonlite

Singer of SoCal Psychobilly legends Tiger Army, Nick 13, wearing a 1 button peak lapel petrol blue suit with "ivy" details like a patch breast pocket and patched side pockets, all topstitched with a swelled seam.  Power of Moonlite!

Stephen's wedding

Thanks for the photo of your LSR83105 navy windowcheck suit Stephen!  Congratulations on your wedding and best of luck to the happy couple!

Anders' frogmouth pockets

A closeup shot of frogmouth pockets, from a medium grey Mohair suit for Anders

Cry Tough Sound

This is Anders' medium grey mohair suit, he DJs for vintage soundsystem called Cry Tough Sound, specializing in vintage reggae, ska, rocksteady.  His suit is done in classic 3 button 60s skinhead style, the way we like it

Blake and Paige wedding 2

Another shot of the bride and groom on their big day, best wishes to Blake and Paige!

Blake and Paige wedding

It's always a huge honor to be asked to do a wedding suit for a long-time client and great guy.

This is Blake and Paige's wedding, Blake's suit in the classic blue navy 180100-6 , house hut.

His groomsmen are also geared up in Thick as Thieves with navy mohair wool 2 button suits.

Best of luck and future wishes to the fantastic groom and his lovely bride!!!!

Dapper Day

Thanks to Kevin for sending photos of his day at Disneyland's Dapper Day (for those who don't know, this is where they try to harken back to the golden years when it was the norm for park attendees to come attired in nice clothes)

Kevin's suit is a 2 button Medium Grey Mohair in a hybrid house/traditional cut.


Lil Mo, the singer of the LA based doowop/rockabilly band Lil Mo and the Dynaflos, and also of the 4 piece traditional rockabilly quartet, Lil Mo and the Unholy 4, hanging out in a 4 button cut Prince of Wales suit.  Dynaflos are getting ready to jet set to Italy and France this summer for festival gigs!


I am now back to taking orders as usual etc.  Thanks and apologies for any inconvenience.