Birdseye and Check wools

New worsted wools for Fall 2012!!  These are super 130 grade wools in a year round weight of about 9oz.  All cloths Italian made.

Med Grey:  as medium grey is a very popular color option, I am happy to add another one to compliment the palette.  This fabric is great for an all purpose suit, it is a very versatile shade, that is easy to dress up/down as needed.  The cloth has a twill weave, so there is a prominent visual texture created by the weave pattern.

Grey Windowcheck:  Anytime I have offered a cloth like this it sells out fast!!  The colorway is a med grey but on a slightly darker end of the "medium" spectrum, but definitely NOT a dark grey.  It has a complex windowcheck pattern.  There are actually 2 overchecks, one in a light blue and one in a lighter grey.  The combination of the 2 overchecks creates about a 1" x 1.25" size "window".  Definitely not a loud pattern, but has a lot of character to it.

Charcoal Birdseye:  As charcoal is still the best selling color, here is another option in a fantastic birdseye pattern.  Great visual texture, slightly larger "dot" than what I would consider to be a "nailhead".  The shade of grey is actually quite unique, it's dark grey but on the warm grey side (as opposed to a cool grey) of the grey spectrum


Navy Birdseye:  I think this navy fabric will be a bestseller.  GREAT shade of navy in a more "blue" color.  Def not a dark "work-suit" navy color.  Same birdseye pattern as the charcoal listed above. This will definitely sell fast and is one of my favorite navy colors I have offered.  A great economic alternative to the VBC 127.

All cloths are $500 shipped conus with the usual disclaimer on shipping out of country etc.  These cloths, at the moment, seem to be restockable but I would definitely order sooner than later if you want to be sure to get something you have your mind set on.