Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 4


Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 3


Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 2


Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 1

You can never go wrong with a full suit, but why not mix it up with separates.  Or even with a crombie coat paired with odd trousers, for a smart look that has more personality than a full suit.  The Thick as Thieves crombie is meant to be worn over a shirt, rather than over a suit.  So it replaces your suit jacket as one's outerwear.  This coat is made with a lightweight suiting tweed (called Tweed 5 in the fabric section), it is not a heavy cloth, but heavier than most of our suiting options.  It is a midweight fabric, approx 12-13oz and is perfect for fall temps.  This cloth is a complex plaid pattern that is bold yet seen from a short distance begins to appear less patterned.  It is a cool grey palette with a subtle orange overcheck running throughout.  The fabric is pattern matched wherever possible as shown in closeup pics.  It is paired with a rust brown tweed trouser.  The coat is a 4 button closure with hidden front fly.  Angled pockets with ticket pocket, 2 buttons on sleeve, and a higher button stance with velvet half collar.

New grey windowcheck tweed jacket

Here are some closeups of one of the new tweeds still available.  The base color is a med grey with tan windowcheck.  This jacket has topstiched lapels and patch pockets which are also topstitched.  The fabric is not a super heavy tweed, but is easily wearable well into late spring.  The fabric has a soft finish to it and is definitely the best tweed we've had to offer to date.

Birdseye and Check wools

New worsted wools for Fall 2012!!  These are super 130 grade wools in a year round weight of about 9oz.  All cloths Italian made.

Med Grey:  as medium grey is a very popular color option, I am happy to add another one to compliment the palette.  This fabric is great for an all purpose suit, it is a very versatile shade, that is easy to dress up/down as needed.  The cloth has a twill weave, so there is a prominent visual texture created by the weave pattern.

Grey Windowcheck:  Anytime I have offered a cloth like this it sells out fast!!  The colorway is a med grey but on a slightly darker end of the "medium" spectrum, but definitely NOT a dark grey.  It has a complex windowcheck pattern.  There are actually 2 overchecks, one in a light blue and one in a lighter grey.  The combination of the 2 overchecks creates about a 1" x 1.25" size "window".  Definitely not a loud pattern, but has a lot of character to it.

Charcoal Birdseye:  As charcoal is still the best selling color, here is another option in a fantastic birdseye pattern.  Great visual texture, slightly larger "dot" than what I would consider to be a "nailhead".  The shade of grey is actually quite unique, it's dark grey but on the warm grey side (as opposed to a cool grey) of the grey spectrum


Navy Birdseye:  I think this navy fabric will be a bestseller.  GREAT shade of navy in a more "blue" color.  Def not a dark "work-suit" navy color.  Same birdseye pattern as the charcoal listed above. This will definitely sell fast and is one of my favorite navy colors I have offered.  A great economic alternative to the VBC 127.

All cloths are $500 shipped conus with the usual disclaimer on shipping out of country etc.  These cloths, at the moment, seem to be restockable but I would definitely order sooner than later if you want to be sure to get something you have your mind set on.