Classic Navy suit wedding

Congratulations to Long and his stunning bride.  His wedding suit is made from the "classic navy 180100-6" in traditional cut proportions.  He has a 2 3/4" peak lapel, with angled jacket pockets and mother of pearl buttons.  Here's to many years of happiness~!

James' wedding in classic navy

2 button suit in 180100-6 blue navy.  Very "blue" looking shade of navy, will appear vivid in outdoor lighting, slightly more subdued in indoor light.  Congratulations to the happy couple and all the best for their future together

Stephen's wedding

Thanks for the photo of your LSR83105 navy windowcheck suit Stephen!  Congratulations on your wedding and best of luck to the happy couple!

Blake and Paige wedding 2

Another shot of the bride and groom on their big day, best wishes to Blake and Paige!

Blake and Paige wedding

It's always a huge honor to be asked to do a wedding suit for a long-time client and great guy.

This is Blake and Paige's wedding, Blake's suit in the classic blue navy 180100-6 , house hut.

His groomsmen are also geared up in Thick as Thieves with navy mohair wool 2 button suits.

Best of luck and future wishes to the fantastic groom and his lovely bride!!!!

Wedding in black mohair

Dustin looking debonair with his new bride in a black mohair suit.  House cut suit in all the house details. 

Thick as Thieves in the family.

Congratulations to my niece and her new husband Edward, now my nephew-in-law, on their wedding this past weekend!  Edward wears a 2 button house cut suit in navy WP-17.  His suit was really the hit of the ceremony and it was my honor to see him get married wearing it.  My suit is in the burgundy tweed, in a 3/2 style jacket.

Closeup of Mark's Navy birdseye wool


Mark's Wedding

Congrats to Mark and Monica on their wedding earlier this year.  The suit is a navy birdseye cloth house cut suit.  Best wishes to the new bride and groom.   Photo courtesy of Jasmine Lee photography.

Brian's suit

As mentioned in the other entry, this is the first Thick as Thieves client, this time a wedding suit.   It's made from the "Classic Navy 100800-6" in a one button house cut with MOP buttons, angled jacket pockets and a peak lapel design.

B&M wedding!!

This one was special for me, since Brian was literally the FIRST person to order a suit back in 2007.  He and his beautiful fiancee (now wife) Miki met in Japan and I had the pleasure of hanging out with both of them a few years ago when they were a fairly new couple, so it's amazing to see them become husband and wife.  Also kudos to Brian  for basically staying the same size now as he was in 2007!! haha.  His suit is a one button peak lapel suit made from the "classic navy 180100-6" with MOP buttons.  Here's to the stunning looking couple and best wishes to them in the future....

Airforce blue wedding

Congratulations to Josh and Mary on their nuptuals!  Best of wishes in the future for the happy couple.   Josh wears a 2 button traditional styled suit in the Airforce Blue wool (79115-9).  Photo credit to  Melissa Miksch (

Airforce Blue wedding closeup

A great shot of a wedding suit in the Airforce Blue wool (79115-9) for Josh and Mary's wedding.  Photo credit to  Melissa Miksch (

Light Grey Mohair wedding!

Thanks P&C for sending a photo of C's wedding suit in Light Grey Mohair!!


Texas Wedding

Thanks Chris for sharing this photo of you (suit in the now sold out Grey #19 pale grey) and your smashing bride, Paige!!  Good luck to the future for both of you!

Dark Grey Mohair wedding suit

Darryl's wedding suit is made from Dark Grey Mohair/wool and is styled as a traditional cut suit with 2 button jacket, angled hacking pockets on the jacket and no ticket pocket.  Congratulations to the new couple and best wishes in the future from Thick as Thieves!

Peter/Shruthi Wedding pt. 2


Peter/Shruthi Wedding pt. 1

One of our favorite summer/spring cloths, the pale grey #19, here shown on a house cut wedding suit.  Congratulations to Peter and Shruthi on their big day!

L&M wedding down under! pt. 3


L&M wedding down under! pt. 2


L&M wedding down under! pt. 1

Congrats to the newlyweds down in Oz!  Glad to have been a part of your ceremony.

Harry & Mimi's Wedding: Thick as Thieves on Martha Stewart pt. 3


Harry & Mimi's Wedding: Thick as Thieves on Martha Stewart pt. 2


Harry & Mimi's Wedding: Thick as Thieves on Martha Stewart pt. 1

Congratulations to new couple Harry and Mimi!  Their wedding was captured by a photographer and ended up on Martha Stewart's blog!  Harry wore a Thick as Thieves suit for the special occasion and we wish the newlyweds  couple many years of happiness!!