Navy Mohair

Here is a nice outdoor shot of the Navy Mohair 2 button suit.   Made with Mother of Pearl buttons in a hybrid house/traditional cut.  The proportions are overall house cut, with the wider lapels from the traditional. Trousers tapered in house cut for his build.  Thanks Chris for the photo!!

Dapper Day

Thanks to Kevin for sending photos of his day at Disneyland's Dapper Day (for those who don't know, this is where they try to harken back to the golden years when it was the norm for park attendees to come attired in nice clothes)

Kevin's suit is a 2 button Medium Grey Mohair in a hybrid house/traditional cut.

Bold Navy Windowcheck suit

2 button suit in "2010 Windowcheck", bold navy pattern!  Rakish 2 button suit with peak lapels, in traditional cut proportions and details.  As can be seen by this photo, while the plaid pattern is bold, from a viewable distance it softens out and is not as bold as it seems when seem up close.

Navy Mohair suit in action! pt. 4


Navy Mohair suit in action! pt. 3


Navy Mohair suit in action! pt. 2


Navy Mohair suit in action! pt. 1

Many thanks to Mr McArthur, a very classy gentleman who was gracious to share these photos he had taken for a personal portfolio wearing his Thick as Thieves suit made from navy wool/mohair.  Mohair/wool blend is a classic fabric, gaining it's utmost popularity in the early-later 60s (which happens to be our favorite era of clothes).  Never looks out of place in conservative environments, and won't look stuffy (if worn correctly) at more casual social events!  As you can see Mr McArthur knows how to wear it with panache, and add his own personal touches for a complete story.

Navy Birdseye peak lapel suit pt. 3


Navy Birdseye peak lapel suit pt. 2


Navy Birdseye peak lapel suit pt. 1

Some great photos to show the Navy Birdseye wool cloth posted November 2012.  This suit is done in a hybrid house/traditional cut, with peak lapels rather than the standard notch lapel on a 2 button suit.  Thanks for the great pics Adrian!

VBC 127 navy suit represented at Harvard Law School!

Good job bro!  I know where to look next time I need a lawyer

Dark Grey Mohair in Action!!

Wow! We love this photo by Frank!!  He is wearing a traditional styled suit in dark grey mohair.  All details (lapel, jacket length, etc) are in the traditional style, tho with this awesome action shot it definitely makes the suit look more like one of our house cuts!!  Also his trouser has the optional 2 button side tab (no belt loops).  Needless to say it's a fantastic image, so many thanks to Mr. Frank!

Navy Flannel sportjacket with MOP buttons

2 button Navy flannel sport jacket.  Patch pockets with MOP buttons, Traditional cut proportions.

Navy Birdseye Wool


Closeup: 2 button Traditional (aka Conservative) jacket

For those looking for a first suit, an interview/work suit, or an all purpose suit, most go for the 2-button suit in the traditional (previously known as Conservative) cut jacket.  There seemed to be a misnomer with the term "conservative" in that it was thought the fit was loose/baggy, compared to the house cut.  The fit through the body is nearly same between the Traditional and House cuts.  The largest difference is in the detailing.

The specific details for the Traditional cut is:
-wider lapel, 2.5" across (House cut is 2") on a size 34-40, 2.75" on a size 42
-jacket length closer to normal  The house cut jacket ends around the top thumb joint, the traditional cut jacket ends about an inch or so longer at the middle thumb joint.
-Ticket pocket is nonoverlapping.  (Or can be omitted altogether)
-Trousers have normal side slant handwarmer pockets (instead of frogmouth/jean style)
-Trouser hem is not as tapered as House cut trouser.  It's still tapered to give a slim look but not nearly as tight at the ankle which does create a more relaxed fit thru the leg, while maintaining a slim profile.

So for those who ask for the house cut but want to make changes and do a wider lapel, longer jacket, no ticket pocket, side slant trouser pockets and less taper thru the leg are in essence asking for the Traditional cut, just to clarify.

The fabric shown in this sample suit is the S/S 2010 Navy Nailhead wool which is a lightweight fabric in approx 8oz cloth.