Prince of Wales Check wool

These new Prince of Wales fabrics are from the same English mill as the herringbones, resulting in a nice year round weight fabric with a good hand and finish.

Light-Med GreyPoW #52: A good lighter Medium grey shade fabric with blue overcheck

Dark-Med Grey PoW #53: This is a good option for a true "medium" grey PoW plaid with blue overcheck

Dark Charcoal PoW #54: This fabric is a great alternative to a solid charcoal as the plaid pattern is so subtle that it appears more like a texture in weave rather than a plaid pattern. For all intent and purpose will function and appear like a solid charcoal, but you will see the plaid pattern up very close, creating a nice visual texture.

Taupe Grey PoW #65: This is a really unique shade of grey. It has the slightest taupe brown tint to it, resulting in a fabric that sits on the brown end of the color spectrum and would make for a great choice if you want to add a brown toned suit in your wardrobe. This also has a very pale blue overcheck.