Italian made Super 140 (Charcoal #9)

Italian super140 wool fabrics in a year round (approx) 10oz weight. Very fine with a soft finish, these are some of the most luxe feeling fabrics we've offered. Each fabric is only available in very limited quantity and once they are out, they will not return. Here is a detailed description of each:

-Navy #12: Probably the best navy I've offered so far. Really nice dark shade with a subtle pinpoint pattern texture. Very soft and drapey material. Suitable for office or rock n roll.

-Charcoal #9: Similar to the navy #12 but charcoal grey. A nice midtone charcoal, not too dark not too light. A great option for an "upgraded" charcoal.

-Charcoal Herringbone #10: Very subtle herringbone pattern in a charcoal colorway. Each side of the herringbone approx 1/8" wide so very narrow bone pattern.

-Black Herringbone #7: A fantastic alternative for a black fabric. Same herringbone texture pattern as Charcoal #10. If you want a black suit, this is the fabric to make it in.

-Brown Windowpane #6: Really rich brown tone with burnt orange windowpane check. Each windowpane square approx 1.5"w x 1.75"h. Great pattern and color.

-Textured Brown #5: Probably the best solid brown I offer. Very nice mottled brown texture with a soft finish and great drape. The tone is exactly what a brown suit should be, not chocolatey and plenty of visual texture to make it interesting.

-Multi-color Pinstripe #2: A dark-med grey base with alternating pinstripes a light blueish grey and burnt orange. Sort of like something Etro would use, yet subtle enough to be worn in an office setting if desired.

-Brown Prince of Wales #18: All previous PoW offerings have been in shades of grey. This one is a brown toned PoW with burnt orange overcheck. The plaid patterning is very subtle and small scale. From a short distance it appears like a brown windowcheck suit. Up close the fabric is phenomenal, lots of interesting things going on and the brown/orange colorway is amazing.