Navy wool and flannel - Italian made wools


Italian wool cloth from Lanificio S. Romari (LSR)

- Navy flannel LSR 9501-3.  This is a very interesting soft flannel weave wool cloth.  The color is a bit tricky to capture, so an "indoor" (under flourescent light) and an "outdoor" (natural light) is shown to depict how different this cloth can appear, but I would say it's true shade is right in the middle.  Not as dark as the indoor photo, but not as bright/purple as the outdoor.  Lightweight material, this is a perfect all season suit cloth for those who want the softer flannel hand, and a matte finish.

- Navy PoW LSR 83105.  One of the best Navy overcheck Prince of Wales cloths I've come across.  This has a great "blue" base that isn't too dark.  Topped with a nice subtle overcheck pattern in various shades.  This is not an "in your face" overcheck, but very classy and subdued.  Lightweight approx 8-9oz super 140 wool cloth.

- Navy LSR 83065.  This is a very nice shade of blue navy with some great visual texture, very subtle but has an interesting weave when seen up close.  This is a lightweight all-season cloth in super 140 gauge.   This is one of those great shades of navy that is perfect for any environment, social or more formal.

- Navy LSR 83066.  A nice unique shade of blue, it doesnt have as much 'magenta' in its color profile compared to most navy cloths.  A good descriptor for this shade would be "french blue", it has just enough of a navy personality to keep it from being a primary blue color, also has a little bit of a greyish caste in the color giving a very wearable and unique appearance for those who don't want a traditional navy but at the same time don't want to deviate from anything too "out there".