English Nick

Our good friend Nick from London, with his mum at her graduation!  Congratulations Mrs S.!!  Nick can be found pounding the skins for London straightedge hardcore band VIOLENT REACTION, as well bass duties for London Oi band CROWN COURT, and to make sure he is keeping busy, he is also the singer of hardcore band ARMS RACE!  We're proud to have kitted out 2 members of Violent Reaction/Crown Court, having also done up a suit for Iron Charlie.  Nick wears a 60s styled 3 button suit with all the right details (high buttoning stance, narrow lapels, hacking pockets with ticket pocket, and MOP buttons)

Kirk's black 3 button jacket

Longtime friend and one of the most badass unassuming guys you will ever meet, in a "dressy casual" 3 button jacket with MOP butons, and jeans.  High buttoning, short length and fitted....the way we like it.

Move over Harvey Spector, this Harvard law grad is going to be the next big thing in NYC!

Congrats to our good friend Kelvin (wearing suit made from Navy with subtle overcheck), who finished his law degree from some school called Harvard.  Next stop, kicking ass working in NYC!  That hair will conquer and take no prisoners!!

VBC 124

Not the best lighting, but who cares when you have this much swagger!  Coop is wearing a 3 button suit in classic 60s style, with MOP buttons.  We always endorse dressing HARD and SMART!

Velvet Collar sportjacket pt. 2


Velvet Collar sportjacket pt. 1

For this coming fall season why not add some spice to your wardrobe with a velvet half collar sport jacket.  Similar in concept to our Crombie overcoat, this is a great way to add some visual interest to a sport jacket, can be done with any cloth and there are a few color options for the velvet (black, brown, navy, burgundy) 

Jacket shown is a 1 button notch lapel with Mother of Pearl buttons, angled jacket pockets with house design overlapping ticket pocket.  Burgundy half collar

Fabric is the grey windowcheck originally posted here in 2010 (also available in a navy and brown colorway)


Navy Flannel sportjacket with MOP buttons

2 button Navy flannel sport jacket.  Patch pockets with MOP buttons, Traditional cut proportions.

VBC 124 jacket

High button stance "house cut" 3 button jacket in VBC 124, a greyish blue wool.  This is indoor appearance, when seen in natural light the fabric will appear lighter in color.  This jacket also has angled pockets with the house style overlapping ticket pocket and Mother of Pearl buttons.

Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 4


Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 3


Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 2


Fall crombie in Tweed pt. 1

You can never go wrong with a full suit, but why not mix it up with separates.  Or even with a crombie coat paired with odd trousers, for a smart look that has more personality than a full suit.  The Thick as Thieves crombie is meant to be worn over a shirt, rather than over a suit.  So it replaces your suit jacket as one's outerwear.  This coat is made with a lightweight suiting tweed (called Tweed 5 in the fabric section), it is not a heavy cloth, but heavier than most of our suiting options.  It is a midweight fabric, approx 12-13oz and is perfect for fall temps.  This cloth is a complex plaid pattern that is bold yet seen from a short distance begins to appear less patterned.  It is a cool grey palette with a subtle orange overcheck running throughout.  The fabric is pattern matched wherever possible as shown in closeup pics.  It is paired with a rust brown tweed trouser.  The coat is a 4 button closure with hidden front fly.  Angled pockets with ticket pocket, 2 buttons on sleeve, and a higher button stance with velvet half collar.


Navy wool jacket with now available option, Mother of Pearl buttons for all closures. Smoky colored high quality MoP buttons give navy and grey jackets a new dimension of cool and individuality. There is a minimal surcharge for the MoP buttons and depending on availability, it may add a few days to your turnaround time.

Closeup of Mother of Pearl buttons

Mother of Pearl buttons on sleeves and front closure of navy jacket.