Jesse in airforce blue.


Separates suit.

Check pattern sport jacket with burgundy velvet half collar in 1-button house style, worn with burgundy  tonic trousers.

Purple cashmere wool CMT closeup

A detail closeup shot of the beautifully textured cashmere wool CMT 3-button jacket.

Custom cloth , Purple sport jacket!!

This is a fantastic 3 button jacket made for Mr Ian, using a cashmere blend wool cloth he provided to us as he wanted something unique and out of the ordinary.   It is in 3 button stance house cut with Mother of Pearl buttons.  Perfect ensemble with the grey strides and light blue shirt with royal tie.  This is how you wear a purple jacket with it "wearing you".  Smart and sussed.

Blake and Paige wedding

It's always a huge honor to be asked to do a wedding suit for a long-time client and great guy.

This is Blake and Paige's wedding, Blake's suit in the classic blue navy 180100-6 , house hut.

His groomsmen are also geared up in Thick as Thieves with navy mohair wool 2 button suits.

Best of luck and future wishes to the fantastic groom and his lovely bride!!!!


Lil Mo, the singer of the LA based doowop/rockabilly band Lil Mo and the Dynaflos, and also of the 4 piece traditional rockabilly quartet, Lil Mo and the Unholy 4, hanging out in a 4 button cut Prince of Wales suit.  Dynaflos are getting ready to jet set to Italy and France this summer for festival gigs!

Wedding in black mohair

Dustin looking debonair with his new bride in a black mohair suit.  House cut suit in all the house details. 


Mr Kamihiro in Tokyo, Japan with a 3 button petrol blue classic styled skinhead suit.

Petrol Blue Sharkskin.

Thanks Alberto for this great pic of the Petrol Blue sharkskin suit!

Medium Grey Sharkskin.

1 button suit in Medium Grey Sharkskin cloth.  House design overlapping ticket pocket on jacket.

Pale blue/grey Sharkskin

2 button suit with angled jacket pockets and "house design" overlapping ticket pocket.  Thanks W. for the class photo!

Tokyo cool.

Group of fine upstanding boys in Tokyo.  Kirk second from right, wears navy mohair 3 button house cut suit.  Forget about gothic lolitas. This is Tokyo cool.

Trouble from London.

Nick and Charlie from London bands Violent Reaction and Crown Court looking the business in SoHo. Both are proud wearers of Thick as Thieves suits, but Iron Charlie is here on his way to work in a charcoal sharkskin 3-button suit like a proper gent.  Trouble from London.

English Nick

Our good friend Nick from London, with his mum at her graduation!  Congratulations Mrs S.!!  Nick can be found pounding the skins for London straightedge hardcore band VIOLENT REACTION, as well bass duties for London Oi band CROWN COURT, and to make sure he is keeping busy, he is also the singer of hardcore band ARMS RACE!  We're proud to have kitted out 2 members of Violent Reaction/Crown Court, having also done up a suit for Iron Charlie.  Nick wears a 60s styled 3 button suit with all the right details (high buttoning stance, narrow lapels, hacking pockets with ticket pocket, and MOP buttons)

Kirk's black 3 button jacket

Longtime friend and one of the most badass unassuming guys you will ever meet, in a "dressy casual" 3 button jacket with MOP butons, and jeans.  High buttoning, short length and fitted....the way we like it.

Blue Skies for Black Hearts 2

Another great promo shot for Portland, OR based indie band, Blue Skies for Black Hearts!  Awesome photo fellas!

Blue Skies for Black Hearts

Portland, OR based indie band Blue Skies for Black Hearts all decked out in Thick as Thieves!

3 Bad Jacks!!

Top Los Angeles rockabilly band THREE BAD JACKS, singer Elvis Suissa, wears a petrol blue 1 button suit (middle) during a photo shoot for their 3rd record cover.

VBC 124

Not the best lighting, but who cares when you have this much swagger!  Coop is wearing a 3 button suit in classic 60s style, with MOP buttons.  We always endorse dressing HARD and SMART!

Velvet Collar sportjacket pt. 2


Velvet Collar sportjacket pt. 1

For this coming fall season why not add some spice to your wardrobe with a velvet half collar sport jacket.  Similar in concept to our Crombie overcoat, this is a great way to add some visual interest to a sport jacket, can be done with any cloth and there are a few color options for the velvet (black, brown, navy, burgundy) 

Jacket shown is a 1 button notch lapel with Mother of Pearl buttons, angled jacket pockets with house design overlapping ticket pocket.  Burgundy half collar

Fabric is the grey windowcheck originally posted here in 2010 (also available in a navy and brown colorway)


Navy Birdseye peak lapel suit pt. 3


Navy Birdseye peak lapel suit pt. 2


Navy Birdseye peak lapel suit pt. 1

Some great photos to show the Navy Birdseye wool cloth posted November 2012.  This suit is done in a hybrid house/traditional cut, with peak lapels rather than the standard notch lapel on a 2 button suit.  Thanks for the great pics Adrian!

3 Button CMT

This is a 3 button suit, styled like a traditional later 60s "skinhead suit" with high 3 button stance, angled pockets and ticket pocket.  The fabric is my own CMT that I found just enough for 2 suits, mine and a client in Tokyo. 2 photos, shown in a harsher direct sunlight, and in a diffused shade light on a hot summer day!

If you have already purchased a suit and dialed in your fit, CMT is a great way to get something unique that may otherwise not be possible!  CMT orders are only for established customers, if you have never ordered a suit (and decided the cut/fit works for you) then you will have to order from house cloth before doing CMT.

Navy Birdseye suit

Closeup and normal shot of the Navy Birdseye from the "G-series" cloths posted in Nov 2012.  Great color and texture!

Medium Grey Sharkskin

Really cool! 1 button suit in the Medium Grey Sharkskin, all house cut details.    

Peter/Shruthi Wedding pt. 2


Peter/Shruthi Wedding pt. 1

One of our favorite summer/spring cloths, the pale grey #19, here shown on a house cut wedding suit.  Congratulations to Peter and Shruthi on their big day!

VBC 124 jacket

High button stance "house cut" 3 button jacket in VBC 124, a greyish blue wool.  This is indoor appearance, when seen in natural light the fabric will appear lighter in color.  This jacket also has angled pockets with the house style overlapping ticket pocket and Mother of Pearl buttons.

Lam wedding party! pt. 2


Lam wedding party!

Couple shots from Johan and Charlene's wedding.  All groom/groomsman suits in navy mohair wool.

1 Button Tweed suit Part 3


1 button Tweed suit part 2


1 Button Tweed Suit w/Notch Lapel

Very soft blue tweed w/red overcheck. One button notch lapel house cut suit w/angled side pockets. Trousers w/2.5" cuffs

1 Button Suit

1 button suit in black, all house cut details.

3 button suit

3 button suit in standard Super 120 med grey. All house cut details.

One button

One button notch lapel suit in midnite navy flannel, all house cut details.

Thick as Thieves in Scandinavia

All suits are house cut details. Upper left 1 button notch lapel in taupe glen plaid (no longer avail), upper right 1 button notch lapel in tan herrigbone tweed, lower left 1 button peak lapel in 10oz navy, lower right 2 button in blue tweed w/red overcheck (no longer avail)

1 Button house cut w/custom lining

1 button suit in navy w/light blue windowpane (fabric no longer avail), all house cut details. Lining custom material provided by client, used to line jacket and trousers.

One Button House Cut

1 button suit in black, all house cut details.

1 and 2 buttons

All details house cut with no modification. One button suit on left in med grey. 2 Button suit on right in Black/White Twill Pattern Tweed.