Navy and Unique blue/navy wools

New lightweight year round cloths in blue hues

100% wool cloths in a Super 130 gauge fibre from "Reda Mill" in Italy.  Price on each cloth is $650 shipped CONUS (+CA salestax if in-state)

All of these fabrics shown in the swatch are shot in outdoor light under a cloudy sky so the light is as "natural" as possible.  Please read the description on each cloth for my take on how the cloth looks indoor under flourescent light which will appear different than outdoor natural light.

79901-5 Steel blue.  Wow, this color is really unique.  I would describe it as a "steel blue" but it has very distinct shade of light violet in the mix. So when made as a full suit, it will definitely have a slight purple cast to it, but it will not look like a grape purple suit.  Very nice cloth for those looking for something slightly different, but still appropriate for all occasions and won't make you look like a magician.

79901-8 Airforce blue.  Amazing color, in my opinion the best shade of blue for a suit.  This cloth has the classic "airforce blue" shade, where it's not too navy, and definitely blue, but the mix of dark and lighter blue fibres make a great looking complex weave and the finished color is perfect for those looking for a "blue suit" rather than a "navy suit"

MF 25017 Navy PoW.  Be warned, the indoor appearance of this cloth is quite a bit DARKER than this swatch.   This is a traditional navy hue Prince of Wales overcheck, with subtle burgundy overcheck pattern on top of the navy.  Not a loud pattern, so perfect for the office, or for social occasions and you won't feel to self conscious about wearing a plaid suit!  **This fabric was scanned to show more accurate shade

5603-10 Dark Navy.  A great shade of traditioanl dark navy.  What do I love about this cloth? It does NOT look like your standard navy suit that nearly everyone wears.  It has a sophisticated dark navy hue, perfect for conservative environments and oozes class and sophistication. **This fabric was scanned to show more accurate shade