Dapper Day

Thanks to Kevin for sending photos of his day at Disneyland's Dapper Day (for those who don't know, this is where they try to harken back to the golden years when it was the norm for park attendees to come attired in nice clothes)

Kevin's suit is a 2 button Medium Grey Mohair in a hybrid house/traditional cut.

Petrol Blue Sharkskin.

Thanks Alberto for this great pic of the Petrol Blue sharkskin suit!

Pale blue/grey Sharkskin

2 button suit with angled jacket pockets and "house design" overlapping ticket pocket.  Thanks W. for the class photo!

VBC 121 suit

Thanks A.S. for the photo wearing 2 button traditional suit in VBC 121 grey!  Looking smart!

79115-10 Classic Navy

Great photo by Alberto of his classic navy suit, traditional cut details and proportions.  Looking to take on the world!

Eamon J. in Navy Mohair 2 button suit

The classic traditional styled Navy Mohair wool 2 button suit.  We endorse this.

Black Mohair suit at the Golden Globes!

Shern in a mostly House cut suit in black mohair, having a good time at the Golden Globes!

Move over Harvey Spector, this Harvard law grad is going to be the next big thing in NYC!

Congrats to our good friend Kelvin (wearing suit made from Navy with subtle overcheck), who finished his law degree from some school called Harvard.  Next stop, kicking ass working in NYC!  That hair will conquer and take no prisoners!!