Jesse in airforce blue.


Merry Crimbo in a separates suit!

Merry Christmas to everyone! 

Christmas dinner with friends in a burgundy 3 button mohair tonic jacket that’s part of a suit.  Worn with black strides for a slightly dressy casual separates suit. Something that Thick as Thieves is always endorsing, the separates suit. 

Classic Navy suit wedding

Congratulations to Long and his stunning bride.  His wedding suit is made from the "classic navy 180100-6" in traditional cut proportions.  He has a 2 3/4" peak lapel, with angled jacket pockets and mother of pearl buttons.  Here's to many years of happiness~!

Navy 180100-6

One of the more popular navy cloths at Thick as Thieves.  Here is James wearing his wedding suit made from 180100-6

James' wedding in classic navy

2 button suit in 180100-6 blue navy.  Very "blue" looking shade of navy, will appear vivid in outdoor lighting, slightly more subdued in indoor light.  Congratulations to the happy couple and all the best for their future together

Alex's wedding in VBC 124

Great looking "vintage" photo of Alex's wedding wearing VBC 124 suit.

Separates suit.

Check pattern sport jacket with burgundy velvet half collar in 1-button house style, worn with burgundy  tonic trousers.

Purple cashmere wool CMT closeup

A detail closeup shot of the beautifully textured cashmere wool CMT 3-button jacket.

Custom cloth , Purple sport jacket!!

This is a fantastic 3 button jacket made for Mr Ian, using a cashmere blend wool cloth he provided to us as he wanted something unique and out of the ordinary.   It is in 3 button stance house cut with Mother of Pearl buttons.  Perfect ensemble with the grey strides and light blue shirt with royal tie.  This is how you wear a purple jacket with it "wearing you".  Smart and sussed.

Navy Mohair

Here is a nice outdoor shot of the Navy Mohair 2 button suit.   Made with Mother of Pearl buttons in a hybrid house/traditional cut.  The proportions are overall house cut, with the wider lapels from the traditional. Trousers tapered in house cut for his build.  Thanks Chris for the photo!!